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Syauket, Amalia (2022) Book Chapter Internasional dengan judul "E-Gov, Realization Of Anti Corruption Policy (long journey to Era Society 5.0)". In: Embracing Society 5.0 with Humanity. BILDUNG, Yogyakarta, pp. 66-76. ISBN 978-623-6225-67-7

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Embracing Society 5.0 with Humanity Society 5.0 is a concept presented by the Japanese as a core concept of their economic system. They believed that technology should not surpass the intelligent of men. As such, in society 5.0 the Japanese government would like to ensure that all technological things are designed to be a humancentered design. In fact, their ministry of education in 2018 has also been readily prepared the future generation through a change in their education system. For example, the minister explains that in Japan, or many parts of the world, university entrance are divided into two main concentrations, which are science and social science. The minister thought of changing the system, as society 5.0 is about creating a technology that is human centered. For instance, they gave an example on designer babies. If, people from hard science learn about philosophy, ethics, and humanities, they won’t face such ethical concern when developing a product. This is what is being envision by the Japanese government for their younger generation. Collaboration between science and social science is necessary to build a better environment for our future children. Another example is the companies in Japan, such as Hitachi and Fujitsu has already been implementing this 5.0 by designing product that relied fully on technology but puts human at its center (Hitachi, 2017). Likewise, it is currently a hot topic in Indonesia. Indonesia as a country with the 4th largest population in the world has not been implemented this concept. Our country is still on the industry 4.0. Yet, with the rising interest in AI, Blockchain, NFT, number of unicorn start-up. and all recent technological changes, our country are ready to compete with any other countries in Southeast Asia. Society 5.0 is coming, and we need to embrace it. To prepare with the society 5.0, It is not only the technological side. It is necessary for us to have a strong principle at hearts that based on our belief system. We, as an Indonesian have known to be religious that most of us believed in God. We also commonly practice our religion and tend to be kind to people because we know God would love our good deeds. I personally think that this will help us to move forward and live together with advanced technology.

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