Analisis Efektivitas Katalis Fe/Zeolit Pada Cracking Minyak Jelantah Dalam Pembuatan Biofuel

Adhani, Lisa Analisis Efektivitas Katalis Fe/Zeolit Pada Cracking Minyak Jelantah Dalam Pembuatan Biofuel. Hasil Telusur Hasil Web dengan Link Situs PENDIPA Journal of Science Education - eJournal UNIB.

[img] Text (menguji efektifitas katalis Fe/Zeolit hasil penelitian Lisa Adhani yang merekayasa katalis Zeolit dengan impregnasi Fe. Pengujian dilakukan pada proses cracking catlytic minyak goreng bekas menjadi biofuel.)
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Petroleum fuels are increasingly limited in resources making the theme of sustainable energy one of the top issues in the world. Used cooking oil is non-edible and can even be said to be waste, so its use as a fuel does not compete with food oil and has a calorific value that is almost the same as conventional fuel. The cracking process is carried out using a Zeolite catalyst that has been impregnated with Fe. Fe/Zeolite catalyst variations are 1%, 3%, 5%, and 7%, with sizes 60, 80 and 100 mesh, while the temperature variations are 250oC and 350oC. Whereas the dependent variable is time, which is 2 hours. The optimum results obtained with the greatest yield on the use of catalysts with a catalyst concentration of 3%, catalyst size of 60 mesh and a temperature of 350oC. The physical test carried out was a specific gravity test that was equal to 0.8241 at the optimum yield with a catalyst concentration of 3%, and 1.0392 on the use of a catalyst with a concentration of 5%. From the results of the GCMS test shows that the component that dominates the biofuel produced is gasoline seen from the C6 compound content of 17.2% and C8 of 13.7%. It can be said that the largest amount is biogasoline shown by the presence of C5-C11 compounds of 72.4% than biodiesel indicated by the percentage of C12-C15 of 24.1%.

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