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Prastio, Eko Increasing Oil Production by Improving The Method of Hydrocarbon Zone Determination: A Case Study of Using The Pulse Neutron Logging Application in “B” Field, East Java. Jurnal Karya Ilmiah. ISSN 1410-9794

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The purpose of this research is used to provide a formation assessment using a Pulse Netron Logging (PNL) tool that can work in the casing or in the tubing. In the effort of enhancing hydrocarbon recovery, this study is done to apply an improved method of determining thickness of Hydrocarbon Zone (net pay) by using the Pulse Neutron Logging (PNL). This tool is usually used in old wells that have been producing for a long time and the purpose of this tool is to look for potential for unproduced hydrocarbons Pulse Neutron Logging (PNL) is one of Porosity measurements in formation evaluation are intended to measure the hydrogen index found in rock formations. The hydrogen index is defined as the ratio of the concentration of hydrogen atoms per cubic cm of rock to the content of pure water. PNL logs do not measure the actual porosity of rocks, but what is measured is the hydrogen content found in rock pores. And the other word the more porous rocks the more hydrogen content and the higher the hydrogen index. Thus, shale which contains a lot of hydrogen can be interpreted as having high porosity.To anticipate this uncertainty, in practice, porosity interpretation can be done by elaborating log density logging. Cased Hole Logging - Sigma Saturation and Carbon Oxygen, it can be seen that several zones that are still zones of the prospect of Hydrocarbons. This study has shown that the Pulse Neutron Log is able to improve the reading of the net pay, so the Pulse Neutron Log is able to improve the reading of the net pay 20 - 40 % Oil and Gas in formation. Production before before Pulse Neutron Logging (PNL) job is 180 bopd and after Pulse Neutron Logging (PNL) job will increase estimate 220 bopd Index Terms— Pulse Neutron Logging, CarbonSat

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Date Deposited: 20 Oct 2020 02:16
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