Proceeding_Milkfish markets season in rawa belong As a symbol of multicultural betawi People's

Farhana, Husna and Gumala, Yosi Proceeding_Milkfish markets season in rawa belong As a symbol of multicultural betawi People's. Proceeding of The 4 th Internasional Seminar On Social Studies and History Education ( ISSSHE)2019.

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Traditional market is a form of cultural heritage of Indonesian ancestors. It has been an integral part of people daily economy as well as an important place in social life. The traditional market is going further not only in economic transactional meaning but also a place of social interaction and transfer of values carried out by actors and stakeholders of community. Among the Betawi community of Rawa Belong for example, the seasonal milkfish market before the Chinese New Year, initially only enjoyed by the Chinese to welcome the Chinese New Year but gradually accepted and absorbed into the Betawi culture. The tradition of milkfish is transferred to prospective in-laws or parents-in-law as a sign of affection and respect for him. Using qualitative descriptive methods, we can see that in other word, the Betawi community is adaptable to social changes, open minded, as well as welcoming different culture in the environment. By accepting and adopting a variety of positive cultures without removing existing cultures, we can learn how this milkfish market become a symbol of cultural harmony as well as promotion of multiculturalism among Betawi community.

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