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Hartanto, Hendra (2008) Pemilihan Berbagai Rancangan Formulasi Fluida Pemboran Untuk Sumur Minyak Bumi Pt. Pertamina Ep Doh Jawa Bagian Barat Area Operasi Timur Di Laboratorium Pt. Cpm Drilling Fluids Jakarta. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya.

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Election of various device of drilling fluids formulation in using for oilwell of PT. Pertamina EP DOH West Java of East Operation Area including district of Jati Barang and Indramayu. Election here pursuant to fullfiling of entire all specification of properties drilling fluids which have been specified by seen from facet of expense formula which its price is cheap. Drilling fluids or often be referred as drilling mud represent one of very factor determine successfulness at process of drilling of oilwell and also gas, that goodness is well of development and also exp loration we ll. In operate for drilling in this time have gone forward in such a manner. Early system rotary drilling mud only be intended to lift piece of drilling (cutting) from well bottom to surface. But onward te:hnological of mud have a lot of function and earn to overcome problems that happened in drilling operati Jn. With of existence of types of this additif mud which can control each every mud behavior. To yield delicate mud quality, each every materials of mud have to be up to standard as according to standard which have been agreed on API standard which can become elementary reference of quality product control. To sec materials quality of mud can only be known through laboratory test. A II mud type have to be taken care of the nature of its physical in order to remain to be in a good condition, so tha.t when used in drilling operation will not influence or other formation drillf!d . If in character muc: of disagree with drilled formation will cause losses of such as kick which can cause blow out, its jam in stuck pipe and or loss circul ating. This writing aim to get correct composition from drilling fluids formula to be used at drilling of petroleum well of PT. Pcrtamina EP DOH West Java of East Operation Area, where seen from nominal amount of expense of big enough drilling fluids, hence of vital importance make and chosen device of formulation of correct drilling mud. Before conducted by drilling process, well owner that is PT. Pertamina EP beforehand chosen mud t:pe to be used by and its specification properties. Afterwards type of drilling mud therewith specification passed by company of contractor of drilling mud which at this writing is PT. CPM Drilling Fluids to be conducted by formulation in Ill ' the laboratory scale by trial and error until all specification fullfiled. In laboratory will be tried some formula be fulltiled by the existing specification. Then reached by formula of specification, one of material changed with other dissimilar m:ttcria I having function which much the same and conducted by trial and error again be reached by speci1ication of the desired. This material replacement aim for the comparator so that be got by two appropriate formula of specification and earn compared to in the price and taken by a cheap price. Fo rmula fulfilling specification and cheap price will be used at drilling process. Drilling mud have in making in existing mud tanks of drilling locai.ion with formula which have been selected. Used materials here shall be as follows; Bentonite, Sodium Hidroxi,je, CF Lignosulfonat, CMC-HV, Potassium Hidroxide, Potassium Chloride, Starch, Xanthan Gum, Gilsonite, PAC-R, PAC-LV, Soltex, Polydrill, PHPA-L, Sodium Sulfite, HT-STAB, Biocide, and Barite. Taken the materials at random from warehouse PT. CPM Drilling Fluids. Result of election of drilling mud formulation for oilwell of PT. Pertamina EP DOH West Java of East Operation Area shall be as follows a. System of Mud Lignosulfonate @ 120 °F with composition; Bentonite 14 ppb, Sodium I-lidroxidr:: 0.6 ppb, CF Lignosulfonat 2.5 ppb, PAC-R 1 ppb, Barite 5 ppb b. System of Mud KCL-POL YMER @ 250 °F with composition; Bentonite 10 ppb, Potassium Hidroxide 0.35 ppb, Potassium Chloride l7 ppb, PAC-R 3 ppb, Starch 4 ppb, Xanthan Gum 0.6 ppb, Gilsonite 3 ppb, PI-lPA-L I ppb, Sodium Sulfite 0.5 ppb, I-1T-STAB0.2 Ppb, Biocide C.3 ppb, Barite 0.3 ppb c. System of Mud KCL-POL YMER @ 325 °F with composition; Bentonite 12 ppb, Potassium Hidroxide 0.7 ppb, Potassium Chloride 20 ppb, PAC-R 3 ppb, PAC-LV 4 ppb, Xanthan Gum 0.8 ppb, Soltex 6 ppb, Polydrill 8 ppb, PI-IPA-L 1.5 ppb Sodium Sulfite 0.5 ppb, HT-STAB 0.4 ppb, Biocide 0.3 ppb, Barite 30 ppb. At system of mud Lignosulfonate @ 120 °F, among both of formula of there are price difference of equal to US$ 0.06/bbl mud, the price do not too inferential significant so that CMC-HV And PAC-R serve the purpose of fluid loss reducer and viscosivier of mud of this mud type. At system of mud KCL- Polymer @ 250 °F, among both formula ( IV ( ( , ' Starch and PAC-LV) there are price difference of equal to US$ 0.37/bbl mud, the price enough signiticant so that for this mud system is more r-ccommcrHkd by usc or Starch than PAC-LV. From system of mud KCL- Polymer @ 325 °F whi< h comrarccl hy perfoma of material of Gilsonite and Soltex. This mud system, among both formula of there are very price difference of significant that is equal to US$ 6.851 Jbl mud. Soltex perfomance is better than Gilsonite, although both functioning of equal that is as shale stabilizer and fluid loss reducer at high temperature(> 300 °F). l-Ienee can 1-,e pulled by conclusion that Soltex more hold up to temperature than Gilsonite.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Minyak Bumi, Fluida
Subjects: Teknologi dan Ilmu Terapan > Teknologi Kimia dan Ilmu yang Berkaitan > Teknologi Industri Lemak Nabati dan Minyak Nabati
Teknologi dan Ilmu Terapan > Teknologi Kimia dan Ilmu yang Berkaitan
Divisions: Fakultas Teknik > Teknik Kimia
Depositing User: Taufik Tri Muladi
Date Deposited: 06 Apr 2021 03:49
Last Modified: 06 Apr 2021 03:49
URI: http://repository.ubharajaya.ac.id/id/eprint/8352

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