Evaluasi Dan Optimasi Desain Casing Sumur Pemboran Dengan Metode Maximum Load Di Sumur ENN-1 Di Lapangan Batuwangi

Aly Rasyid, AR Evaluasi Dan Optimasi Desain Casing Sumur Pemboran Dengan Metode Maximum Load Di Sumur ENN-1 Di Lapangan Batuwangi. Universitas Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya. (Unpublished)

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Batu Wangi Field is located off the southeastern part of Sumatra. Bau Bau Wangi is a field that has entered the development stage. On the Batu Wangi Field there is the "ENN-1" Well located at the geographical coordinates 5˚25'21.24063 "South Latitude and 106˚18'55.73957" East Longitude. "ENN-1" is a directional drilling well on December 9, 2014 and completed on February 6, 2015, with a total depth of 3804 ftMD / 3247 SSTVD, with oil production results. In this final project will be reviewed about the casing planning used in the "ENN-1" well, to find out whether the casing is already the most efficient choice or not, to re-evaluate the grade casing used in the "ENN- 1 ". In this evaluation will be used the Maximum Load method, which takes into account the durability of the case against Pressure Burst, Pressure Collapse, and Tension Load or Load Load. After the evaluation of the use of the casing in the "ENN-1" Well, it is known that the grade casing used in the well exceeds what is required, where the Safety Factor exceeds the Collapse Pressure = 1, Tension Load = 1,6, and. Burst Pressure = 1,1. It is evident that the use of the casing on the "ENN-1" Well became uneconomical and caused the cost of the casing to be more expensive. From the evaluation result, it is found that the casing grade is more efficient for the well, so the casing planning in this Final Project can be used as a reference for the casing generation of the well to be drilled next in the field.

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