Masalah Sosial Dalam Manajemen Hutan Produksi di Indonesia

FoEh, John EHJ. (2006) Masalah Sosial Dalam Manajemen Hutan Produksi di Indonesia. Wacana STIE - Gandhi: Jurnal Ilmiah Ekonomi dan Bisnis, I (02). pp. 53-62. ISSN 1858-3253

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ABSTRACT The main principle of production forest management is to apply the maximum and sustainable yield concept. Many problem was happened since the forest exploitation on a large scale took place during New Regime of Indonesia Government. At the moment,this activity was for the devise and it placed forest products as devise resources after natural gaz and petrol. This problems started from areas where the forest borderlines were overlapping with other land use. At the same time, timber production and industries were run very unefficiently. Shifting cultivation and illegal logging became two other factors for forest destruction. Reforestation and industrial forest plantation in one side were not significantly success. As a result, ecollabeling stamp must be given to forest products from Indonesia for export destination. In other side, with regard to the forest land-use, there are still controversy between common property principle adopted by local people versus conservation efforts, included other institutional problems in forest management. Today, again, forest still the principle resource for the development of regional autonomy concept, and this will be another way to the destruction of forest resources. Efforts are needed to push the implementation of five priority programs of the Ministry of Forest in oorder to achieve the maximum and sustained yield principle in production forest management. Key words : Forest Management, Production Forest, Common Property, Maximum and Sustained Yield Principle, Regional Autonomy

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