Meta-Analysis Study of Research Publication of Agenda Setting for 2014-2019

Ari Sulistyanto, AS Meta-Analysis Study of Research Publication of Agenda Setting for 2014-2019. Meta-Analysis Study of Research Publication of Agenda Setting for 2014-2019. (Unpublished)

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The study of agenda-setting since its inception in 1972 had undergone an evolutionary process that does not stop at the initial assumption, namely regarding the transfer of salience from the media agenda to the public agenda, but continues to expand to experience replication by adopting various theoretical perspectives and other established communication concepts. However, recent literature reviews on research mapping of agenda settings have been rare so far. Therefore, to fill in the gap in the literature review of the agenda-setting study, this study made an effort in revealing the development of agenda-setting research from 2014 to 2019. The research objectives were intended as a basis for deepening previous studies and providing a new landscape for future agenda-setting studies. Through meta-analysis, it seeks to obtain patterns from the overall review both from theoretical trends, study topics, methodology, media usage, and research contributions. The result showed changes in previous studies. This was shown by the strengthening of the use of the network agenda-setting theory and the intermedia agenda-setting theory. This change is due to the growing development of digital media which is slowly leaving conventional media. Therefore, future studies, with the existence of various media platforms, need to design alternative models and methodologies that can explain the power of influence of each medium in shaping the effect of the agenda-setting. Keywords: Agenda setting, Meta-analysis, Network, Trend theory

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